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Sivani the wood elf druid by 12345t67 Sivani the wood elf druid :icon12345t67:12345t67 7 0 Pegason Mortum ( another random drawing) by 12345t67 Pegason Mortum ( another random drawing) :icon12345t67:12345t67 5 0 Horkas Adohorn(Portrait sketch) by 12345t67 Horkas Adohorn(Portrait sketch) :icon12345t67:12345t67 4 0 Elhand's Mask by 12345t67 Elhand's Mask :icon12345t67:12345t67 15 3 Elhand Novus Ludio by 12345t67 Elhand Novus Ludio :icon12345t67:12345t67 23 9 An amalgamated  Nightmare of Sorts by 12345t67 An amalgamated Nightmare of Sorts :icon12345t67:12345t67 14 8 Welcome Home by 12345t67 Welcome Home :icon12345t67:12345t67 8 0 Polarized Bonds by 12345t67 Polarized Bonds :icon12345t67:12345t67 12 3 Kino's Journey by 12345t67 Kino's Journey :icon12345t67:12345t67 63 8 My Little Puppet by 12345t67 My Little Puppet :icon12345t67:12345t67 23 5 The Salvation of Death by 12345t67 The Salvation of Death :icon12345t67:12345t67 19 0 Kakorandom by 12345t67 Kakorandom :icon12345t67:12345t67 21 0 The Weapon and The Replicant-Shade by 12345t67 The Weapon and The Replicant-Shade :icon12345t67:12345t67 91 12 Salutations! by 12345t67 Salutations! :icon12345t67:12345t67 191 20 Crimson Demon, Megumin by 12345t67 Crimson Demon, Megumin :icon12345t67:12345t67 118 16 Tokiwadai's Railgun by 12345t67 Tokiwadai's Railgun :icon12345t67:12345t67 55 4




I am also realizing that commitment to many things all at once is a difficult act to balance. One that I should be able to learn soon....and the approval of others has no bearing on your own perception about yourself and your development. Maybe that last one is a bit delusional.
Sometimes I wonder why inspirational videos about young people's talent just makes me sad and useless. And i detest that feeling.
Sivani the wood elf druid
I have a little story to share with this one. So, remember when I mentioned that I was a Critical Role fan (Critter) now? Well, ever since I got really into Critical Role, I joined all the fan club pages in social media I could find. On one of the fan pages on FB that I found I read that someone was asking fellow critters to share their character portraits (or something like that) in the comments. I posted a picture of Elhand (my first character ever) on their post and just left it there and expected it to be ignored. But many moments later, it had a pretty positive reaction from people. And one of them commented that she has a request for me, she wanted me to draw her Wood Elf Druid. She was very detailed in giving me her character description (so detailed that i got a bit nervous that i might screw it up, and that's the last thing i want to happen). She was very kind and friendly throughout our conversation, and I'm glad that she was happy with the end result. It makes the work worth it. Being able to see that the person who requested an art piece and not dissatisfied with the result and appreciate the work one puts in, is one of the best things in the world, at least for me it is.
Pegason Mortum ( another random drawing)
This is a character related to my Halfling Rogue. The adventurer that influenced him to go and have an adventure of his own. She was suppose to accompany my Halfling rogue but that kinda never happened because...character background tragedy stuff and all that. So now, this is suppose to be a drawing that my character has to remember her by.
Horkas Adohorn(Portrait sketch)
So, this is another D&D character i have, he's a bit different from the first character i have. The first one was a bit of an a-hole, while this one is a bit...well this one is a bit of a comedic villain from the early 2000s on a children's cartoon. Hahaha. I knew i could never pull off a serious and method heavy villain, hence why i decided to play him this way.
He's really fun to role play, he's my first character on a play by post game that has lasted for quite some time now, and my first "evil" character. He's also my first full spellcaster class character(picking spells is hard!). He is a Tiefling Necromancer Wizard, he's very silly to play as and also very funny(at least for me). I always try things with him that i know will never work out(at least not for long) and lie(a lot) and fail (Charisma modifier is 0, hell yeah!).
I know there's a "proper" way of playing a good villain in a good aligned party in a heroic campaign, but i choose this path to rp him because it's the most fun for me, and that's what really matters in the end, right?
This isn't my final look for him. I'm also gonna try and make a digital art piece for him, with his clothes and everything like that(like Elhand)...but that will probably take some time. I just wanted to have a picture for him while I was still working on the digital one, hence why i drew this a couple of months ago, to serve as a placeholder for the one that I'm going to make(hopefully sooner rather than later).


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A guy suffering from too much indecisive acts and past regrets. Who is using drawing as some form of emotional support and personal fulfilment.


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What do you mean "are you serious"?lol. You are AWESOME. Amazing works man.
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Wonder Woman wearing pants! by DubuGomdori

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It was my pleasure. It appears that i really like your kind of art, it's intriguing and sorta profound in its own right. I can only imagine how much thought comes into play during its conceptualization stage.
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