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Welcome Home
Another try at these digital art-thingy. I noticed I haven't really been putting up anything on this account, so i decided to give the old digital art another shot(mind you, I don't have any fancy equipment with me...I just use a good old mouse for doing these). I would say I'm getting pretty desperate with these and still it looks like shit, but please bare with me.
It's definitely not one of my bad ones(as if there were any good ones to begin with), but ya know.
Hope you guys like it. Hahaha.
Satisfy my ego please. Hahaha.

Also this was suppose to be a part of that "Nico Banner art" I passed but I'm slow as hell in making these and there were too many characters so this was one of those unfinished ones, I just decided to finish coloring it.
Also also I really love Undertale so even though I realize that the internet is booming with fan arts of Undertale I still finished it. Best case scenario it'll be part of the ever growing void that is Undertale Fan art. Plus the console version of the game JUST released... so I guess this is well timed? I'm just gonna convince myself it is.
Polarized Bonds
This is a fan art of the anime released in summer 2016(I think) called Kiznaiver. I wanted to do a little tribute to the anime. It was not the best anime by all means, it had it's flaws (the progression towards the last episode and the last episode it self was...well...not good.)

TBH, this was already finished (with sketch and light shading ) back in summer 2016. But I forgot to finish it and then I finished drawing it(cuz I remembered it existed) as this final product you now see, at December 2016(yeah).

Then I forgot about it again and while I was browsing my reference photos for potential future drawings I found out that I still didn't put it up here we are, mid 2017. Hahaha.
Kino's Journey
This is a piece I'm doing in honor of the recent(not so recent, maybe?) announcement of Kino's Journey having some sort of sequel this coming fall(2017), which I'm very much excited for.

Okay, Kino no Tabi - The Beutiful World is one of my favourite anime shows so I was so excited hearing that I get to watch some form of continuation of Kino no Tabi. Best part is I don't have to wait much longer since it was promised to come out in Fall(2017).

So, I just wanted to show my love and appreciation for Kino and Hermes travels with this sorta colorful art (It contradicts the color scheme of the show, I know).
I kinda got confused with the colors on this one since I noticed that the colors were different in the show and the light novel and that Hermes looks different every time (the damn motor rad doesn't have a consistent look about his motor parts) which was also hard considering that I've never drawn a vehicle much less a motor in my entire life (excluding kinder and elementary drawings of cars, of course).

And I hope you're excited for the show as I am. (Cause I feel alone in this endeavor, hahaha)
My Little Puppet
This is a request from the deviant artist Umihoshi Anze. She was so nice and sweet about making this request so I decided to finish it before my promised timeline to actually start working on it( I said it'd take a month because I had College Stuff to handle, but I changed my mind and said "screw it! I'm doing this early.")

She wanted me to draw her OC, Umihoshi Kineda Anze(same as her deviant name, without the "Kineda") together with Sasori, the puppet master. So here's my take on her OC and Sasori together.

I used her "Meijin Anze" outfit design for her OC's looks and the outfit she drew for Sasori (I actually really wanted to draw Sasori in his akatsuki robe but I liked this better since it kinda reminds me of Edward Elric's Coat from Fullmetal Alchemist. Without the design on the back and also I was told not to.Hahaha).

I had a ton of fun drawing this because I've never really done anything sorta "romantic" like this before, it was always one or more characters kinda standing beside each other, so this was a nice little change.

I also want to comment on how great the Meijin Anze outfit looks, I really like the little details to it(kinda hard adding those star buttons) I also like her sorta kekkei Genkai, I believe it was called the "Meijin Style". I'm not really sure how it works but as far as I understand it kinda adds these steel blade into her kunai? Is that right? IDK. You can ask Anze. Hahaha.
I also didn't know if the Sasori she drew was the "puppet Sasori" or the "Before the Akatsuki Sasori". Judging by his clothes inside the robe...I'm guessing before the akatsuki...I'm sure she'll also correct me on that. Hahaha.

Also the title is a little reference on the anime "My Little Monster".
The Salvation of Death
The following thoughts involves nihilistic thoughts and suicidal tendencies. So please if you are sensitive to these topics read at your own peril.

"Life and Death.
Every time I wake up, there is a constant thought that goes in my mind, a wish that I always seem to yearn for but too afraid to actually do it myself, it's the hope that today's the day that my life finally ends.
Most people would react to this as not "normal" that I should seek professional help. "Not normal?", why?
I view life as something that is devoid of meaning and is full of random occurrences that is mostly composed of pain, suffering, anguish and judgment. For me, life is just procrastinating until you eventually die and everything you work for is forgotten and all of your feelings, plans, hopes, dreams dies along with you.
So why not think of dying? Why not embrace the concept of death and the freedom it holds?
And yet others will still try to argue that "these thoughts will pass, that I will find something or someone to change my perspective on life, that I just have to reach out to the world and live my life to the fullest every single day."
It's not like I never tried...tried to see things differently...tried to make close friends that I can share my burdens with...tried to restore hope...I really did try. Honest.
For years I've pretended and lied to myself that "everything will work itself out". But it never did. For years I tried to lighten the burden by sharing my thoughts with friends and family members in a form of a joke or a serious conversation, the answers they give me would always be the same to me, "It will be alright, we will help you, you're our friend", "Your just being pessimistic and dramatic again...", "we will overcome this together", "It will be fine in the end, you just have to keep trying."
But it never really helped to keep the thoughts away...and in the back of my mind, I think to myself that exposing myself like this will just leave me vulnerable for judgements and more pain, and more emotional damage.
Despite all this I still tried my best to live my life and fulfill my own and everyone's expectations. I tried to overcome my negative outlook in life with my family and friends. I even cling to faith.
But thought just kept coming back and it overwhelms me everyday and I start seeing it as an opportunity to escape this world, this world full of hardships and struggles and the constant judgement of others. It swallows me whole and virtues me deeper into a deep dark chasm of thoughts.
It makes me question myself how I come to be this way. What changed? What is the root of all this thoughts that keep spiraling through my mind? Am I really depressed or am I just pretending because I'm seeking attention from others? Am I just lazy and too sheltered and lack ambition that whenever something that is inconvenient for me I just thought of death as the answer?
In the end I never find the answer I was looking for, and it just leaves me confused and afraid. A wish floats to my mind, a wish that someone else was in my place...maybe they'll be a better older brother, son, artist...maybe they'll make better life choices and live life happily...maybe I should never have been born in the first place...
Continuing that train of thought often leaves me to the same conclusion grab a knife and end my suffering.
After all, no one would miss a nihilistic, and suicidal person like this point I don't even want myself to be understood and loved...I'm not even human anymore...I've wasted everyone's trust and belief in me...
I should just die, no one would remember me anyway. Sure, some people will shed some tears but those feelings will eventually follow me to my grave and everything I've done will be reduced to nothing anyway...and I'll finally be released from these shackles I call "life"."

The thoughts shared above is little something to add to the emotion that I want to add to the piece to make it darker and explain my thought process on creating this(just a bit)

It's a little different from my usual art submissions(very different actually). I just wanted to make something original and kinda personal.

It's up to you to decide if the thoughts above are mine or a friend's or something I just conjured up from thin air.
Either way I hope you enjoy...or feel something for this piece.


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