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Elhand's Mask
HEY, it's the same pic only with the mask on, VERY creative. Hahaha. I don't know, I mean this is just meant to show the mask and how it fits in the (horrid) outfit I made...pshh...i don't know.
It's suppose to mimic the demonic face of his old master from the nine hells and served as essentially. To blend in more in the City of Dis....this would be alot clearer if I gave an actual backstory BUUUUUUUT screw it.
All of this is just self indulgence anyway so...yeh. yup. Uhmmmhmm.
Elhand Novus Ludio
If anyone doesn't mind I'm going to post this here and share a bit of a story with y'all, as i tend to do with these kinds of things.(Well, you really don't have a say in this, i mean it's my account and all.)
Anyway, I recently discovered (about a year ago now) a wonderful show on geek and sundry called Critical Role. And Critical Role, for anyone who doesn't know the show, is a series in Geek and Sundry where famous Voice Actors from Games and Anime play a role playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. This show that was apparently the most popular show in Geek and Sundry and it had more than 100 episodes and it was about D&D. Now, I didn't really know much about D&D but I've already heard about this game through various American Tv shows and movies (i.e. Stranger Things) but I didn't really understand what the hell it was other than it was a tabletop game that involved monsters and species similar to the Lord of the Rings. At first I just stared at the playlist and said in my head "like who the hell has time for this? It's 4 hrs long per episode and it had over 100+ episodes? And what the hells so fun about D&D anyway? Nah. I think I'm good." and I moved on and kept listening/ watching Let's plays, Con Interviews and TedTalks on YouTube and Podcasts on Nerdist while I work on stuff. Then one day I had run out of things to listen/watch to (Didn't know it was possible) then I recalled the memory of finding this show about D&D and decided "maybe I should watch one of these episodes (Critical Role episodes), I mean it has Laura Bailey, and Mathew Mercer in it (which I knew from Persona and Catherine and etc.). And Orion and Sam (from ace attorney and persona). At first, I didn't really paid any mind to it other than just a background noise while I work on stuff, and then it got me intrigued on how wacky and serious it can get, sometimes it can be about random shenanigans, other times it was about adventure and a fierce strategy based combat between a talking arrogant Dragon and a bunch of underdark beings or about defeating a door. I ended up really enjoying the show for over a year now, to the point that i wanted to play in a game session of D&D myself. So i just started to make possible characters and character background in my head. And then someone posted about Roll20, an online platform for D&D, (which I didn't know existed) and asked who has an account on Roll20...or something like that, then i decided to brows the comments and found someone offering to DM a game, of course I jumped immediately( even though I consider myself an introvert and anti social who can't peak proper English OR my NATIVE tongue) and said "I want to join please!", he accepted and they helped me create my character and help me understand the mechanics of the game. And despite the differences and difficulties I had playing the game, and constant internet problems, they still welcomed me and guided me, and now we're on our 4th or 5th session.
Which brings us to THIS guy. He's name is Elhand(randomly generated) Novus Ludio(Latin translated from Google which means "New Player"...I think) and he is a Halfling Rogue that I play in the campaign I'm a part of. He's background story is inspired by Kino's Journey and he also has a kinda androgynous look about him (also like Kino) and he is a conniving, annoying coward who only cares about himself, basically he's a piece of shit (unlike Kino). And he also has a mask that looks q lot like Emil's face(because I love Emil from Nier) in a oni demon's head.
As you can tell I'm really enjoying myself in fact I am enjoying the game so much and the character creation process that I have already prep-ed another character in case Elhnad dies because of my stupidity.
If you haven't played D&D or know D&D i highly suggest you consider checking out Critical Role and see how fun D&D can be because it really is fun pretending and using your imagination to RP the character YOU created and adventure in a magnificent fantasy world. It's a great distraction for life problems and a great platform to make new friends or bond with your old ones.
I really do owe our DM a TON of gratitude for not only spending his free time creating the world that our camapaign is in but also for letting me experience my first game and just for letting me join the campaign in general, and thanks to the players as well for being so friendly and awesome human beings.
An amalgamated Nightmare of Sorts
So this is my little contribution to the Inktober thing that seems to be gaining popularity with each year.
This is inspired by the various works of Junji Ito's manga illustrations. IF you're not familiar with his mangas, let me just share a bit of my love for Junji Ito's amazing works so you can have enough reason to read his works since it's almost Halloween and all that, so Junji Ito is one of those artists that, I can say, can turn anything into a horror figure(i.e. a balloon, a spiral, a cat) and make it work. He's one of those artists that makes enough good written stories and various amalgamated monsters that I feel both legitimately frightened and awed at his mind for making such atrocities.
Okay. Enough of that and also portraits are hard man, I'm not even sure if this looks like me or not. Also, also I've acquired a new kind of appreciation for comic/manga artists, inking is tiring and terrifying, one mistake and it's all over (note I don't want to use a liquid eraser, cuz' it ruins the texture of the paper.).
And if you read all that good for you and sorry I wasted minutes of your time. If you didn't, well you wouldn't even have read this. Hahaha
Welcome Home
Another try at these digital art-thingy. I noticed I haven't really been putting up anything on this account, so i decided to give the old digital art another shot(mind you, I don't have any fancy equipment with me...I just use a good old mouse for doing these). I would say I'm getting pretty desperate with these and still it looks like shit, but please bare with me.
It's definitely not one of my bad ones(as if there were any good ones to begin with), but ya know.
Hope you guys like it. Hahaha.
Satisfy my ego please. Hahaha.

Also this was suppose to be a part of that "Nico Banner art" I passed but I'm slow as hell in making these and there were too many characters so this was one of those unfinished ones, I just decided to finish coloring it.
Also also I really love Undertale so even though I realize that the internet is booming with fan arts of Undertale I still finished it. Best case scenario it'll be part of the ever growing void that is Undertale Fan art. Plus the console version of the game JUST released... so I guess this is well timed? I'm just gonna convince myself it is.
Polarized Bonds
This is a fan art of the anime released in summer 2016(I think) called Kiznaiver. I wanted to do a little tribute to the anime. It was not the best anime by all means, it had it's flaws (the progression towards the last episode and the last episode it self was...well...not good.)

TBH, this was already finished (with sketch and light shading ) back in summer 2016. But I forgot to finish it and then I finished drawing it(cuz I remembered it existed) as this final product you now see, at December 2016(yeah).

Then I forgot about it again and while I was browsing my reference photos for potential future drawings I found out that I still didn't put it up here we are, mid 2017. Hahaha.


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Andrei Leonzon
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a person who is a wishy washy kinda guy. I am unsure about anything and everything, I am a liar, non achiever, cynical, judgmental, arrogant piece of trash who also constantly self loathe and dig a big old pity hole for himself. But I can also be a pretty swell and cheerful guy sometimes, often faked but still...
I also try different kinds of art in here so the gallery is full random crap in it.
And thanks for being a pal.
P.S. I'm emo as all hell.


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